Our Vision:

"KLE Basava Residential Girls School is an affordable, high quality girls’ boarding and day school, endeavouring to empower generations of young women to become lifelong learners, actively contributing to the World they live in, underpinned by a holistic and child-centred academic and co-curricular program." 

Our Mission: 

"To nurture and empower young women with active and creative minds, to be leaders of the future."

Our Educational Philosophy

An environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect will encourage young women to become independent thinkers empowered to be contributors to an ever-changing, multi-cultural world. As a faculty of lifelong learners, the teachers of the school will also be encouraged to constantly learn, update and hone their skills as educators. Along with the continuous learning, students of the KLE Basava Residential Girls School must also acquire skills in critical thinking. The curriculum at our school is based on an understanding of the learning process and is aimed at nurturing academic and personal development, while instilling the passion for lifelong learning in students. We will incorporate current trends in international education, while adapting this specifically for the Indian context. The KLE Basava Residential Girls School promotes cultural diversity within an affordable and high quality learning program.