Campus Tour

Students cycle along the vast cycling track

which surrounds the school campus.

The lush greenery which welcomes you

outside the entrance of our school is well

maintained with an eye for perfection.

The cozy hostels for students provide for

ample time to de-stress by reading and

engaging with each other.

Strategically placed tables inspire students

to read the newspaper and other content.

Students engage in sports activities

on a daily basis, utilizing the well

maintained school ground.

Volleyball and basketball are the

choice favourite sports among the

students at school, and their talents

are constantly developing.

The school structure is built around a

ground which is used by the students

for outside classes, sports, play and

de-stressing after hours.

The adequately equipped computer lab

is used by the students to gain knowledge

about the PC and its fundamentals.

The auditorium (upstairs) is a space used

for all sorts of functions and programs, with the

fully vegetarian cafeteria underneath.