Dr. Prabhakar Kore (Ex-Member Of Parliament)

The progress of this huge nation undoubtedly depends upon the trilogy of Agriculture, Education & Health Care. The same constitutes the sanctum of KLE Society. The KLE Society since a century has strived to support this ideology in its own small way. India crossed the 1 billion population mark which implies that we will have the largest educational demand in the next decade. A vast majority of this huge demography resides in rural areas that even today are educationally impoverished. It is through the endeavor of basic education that the KLE Society has tried to unite rural population with main stream India and the world at large. I assure you that this goal shall be pursued relentlessly until each deserving individual gets his or her access to highest quality of education.
Education is the foundation upon which we build tomorrow and our focus must be to build diversity and excellence into the educational system such that every challenge ahead is met with confidence. We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits the entire community. We have a vision of high quality lifelong learning, accessible to all. We will put the learner at the heart of everything we do, raise expectations and work together with mutual respect for education is our future."


Dr. Preeti Dodwad​

Children are the most creative beings on earth. If only we could provide channels for that creativity to blossom. Their efforts, thoughts and dreams will carry us all to places we can only imagine today. Isaac Newton once said: “If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” Your parents and your teachers along with the millions of people who have lived and learned before you have provided the shoulders. You have the opportunity and the responsibility to see further, to learn more, to make a better world.” At KLE Basava Residential Girls School, we create responsible & successful Global citizens nurtured in safe, innovative and academically rigorous environment. We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits the entire community.


Mrs. Latha Mallikarjun

To Mrs. Latha Mallikarjun, Education is the art of cultivating the moral, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the developing child. Having done her Dip.Sup in French and later doing her Masters in English and a B.Ed, she has taught French language for 17 years and also worked as the cultural and academic coordinator in an International School. Mrs. Latha Mallikarjun was in a state of stagnation when she got this wonderful opportunity to join KLE Basava Residential Girls School. This opportunity opened doors for her immense interest in empowering girls and gave her a great platform to do so. Her work has also given her an opportunity to relearn all the teachings of Basavanna which were taught to her by her grandfather, the late Shri Basavaraj Kattimani.  Here at KLE-BRGS, we believe in unlearning and relearning”, says Mrs. Latha Mallikarjun.